My True Colors

Tyler Cilley 4th hour


As a child, I had a difficult time fitting into an academic routine, I was a hands-on learner, and I needed physical involvement to be motivated.


I look for people who have the same interests as me. I constantly look for ways to energize or re-vamp my relationships. I thrive on physical contact, and I love to give gifts.


I get bored easily of jobs that are very routine. I'm very successful with jobs that give me independence and freedom. I view tools as an extension of myself, and I strive to preform better then others.

Leadership Style

When leading, I expect quick action and I'm very involved in the here-and-now. I'm very preformence oriented, I'm flexible when approaching new tasks, and I welcome change.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

On a bad day I

  • Act rude and defiant
  • Intentionally break the rules
  • Run away from my problems
  • Use stimulants, such as coffee
  • React loudly
  • I lie and cheat
  • Very physically aggressive

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Response to questions

1. I think witty, spontaneous, and bold fit me most.

2. I think a hands on job such as a cook fits me best.

3. Positives: Good leadership and respects tools.

Negatives: Over achiever, on bad days i would be hard to get along with.