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New Digital Communication Format

Greetings StMCS Parents!

Welcome to a new form of digital communication from StMCS!

This newsletter has been created using a mobile-friendly communication tool called "Smore". Links to the messages will be available on our Facebook page and sent to the email address(es) you have shared with us.

Enjoy a few "February Fun" photos and please read the 3 "Important Reminders" below and take action as needed. They are all "time-sensitive", including the note that there are just 5 more days to sell your 10 Catholic United raffle tickets!

As we enter this first full week of Lent, I've also highlighted some of the "desert moments" that we're experiencing through losses both near and far, and I have shared some resources as well as some pictures of our school in prayerful response. We are blessed to be united in prayer.

Peace to you & yours,

Mrs. Haller


Responding to Loss and Tragedy: Prayer and Action at StMCS

Like all of you, I am horrified and deeply saddened about another violent tragedy in our American schools. The senseless loss of children’s lives that occurred last week in Parkland, Florida is beyond words.

Pope Francis wrote to the Archbishop of Miami, assuring that all those affected by “the devastating attack” have his spiritual closeness, and that he prays “that Almighty God may grant eternal rest to the dead as well as healing and consolation to the wounded and those who grieve.” Pope Francis invoked upon all, “the divine blessings of peace and strength”.

In this time of sadness and anxiety, we will definitely turn to God for those blessings of peace and strength. We will unite as a school, in our classrooms, and among our staff in prayer, and as always, we will do so with a sensitivity for all ages. Further, we have both pastoral care and counseling support when needed. (See below for Grief Group info.)

I also want to take a moment to remind you of the precautions that StMCS has always had in place to maintain a secure environment. First, we have locked and secured doors around the school, with only one point of entry during the school day. Next, we have drills throughout the year to prepare all students and staff for the occurrence of intruders. The drills include talking with students and teaching them protocols (in developmentally appropriate ways) so that everyone is prepared. We also work with Wright County Law Enforcement and our district’s School Resource Officers annually to stay informed and educated on best practices.

In the face of such tragic school events, we often hear stories of great heroism. The everyday heroes are often the teachers and the staff who act out of love and care for the children. They put their lives on the line for their students. Each member of our staff trembles at the thought of senseless acts of violence happening to any child, anywhere. One thing I know for sure is that everyone at StMCS, comes to work each and every day to serve, to teach, to love, and to protect our children.

St. Michael, the Archangel, pray for us.


Celebrating Excellence - Who Do You Know???

The Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) celebrates excellence in faith and in learning in our Archdiocesan Catholic Schools. As such, they want to honor some special people from each of our 79 elementary schools at their CSCOE Bash:

"Called to Greatness" in May.

  • Do you know of one or more religious sisters who served at our school and made an outstanding contribution to StMCS?
  • Can you name an alumni that is working & making contribuitons in the STEM field?

CSCOE wants to honor the religious who have dedicated themselves to our schools and also graduates who work in a STEM field! Please contact me with names of religious sisters and/or if you know of a StMCS graduate that is a Catholic professional making a difference in a STEM field. See my contact info below.

Everybody Needs a Little Help Sometimes - Grief Group

Grief has touched our StMCS community in a deeply personal way over the past several weeks. Thank you for continued prayers for the Kong and Becker families. Please add the Peter Dehmer family to your intentions as they had the funeral for Peter's 41 year old brother last week and he is missed by many in our surrounding community.

Our counselors are here to help any children suffering from a loss. They understand that grief affects each of us in a different and deeply personal way. We have a Grief Group that is designed to provide an outlet for students to process the emotions that go along with grief.

Grief Group focuses on children or teens who have experienced the death of a family member or friend (recently or long ago) and the grief process unique to each individual. The group helps students identify the many feelings that accompany loss and ways that grief can affect our lives. Participants can dialogue about feelings and struggles within a safe, Catholic environment among other students who have also experienced a loss. Students will learn coping skills that will help aid in the healing process.

The groups are open to all students. Groups are established appropriately based on interest and the age of students who enroll. Contact Kathleen Massmann, school counselor, if you'd like to learn more.

Into your hands, O Lord, we humbly entrust our brothers and sisters.

In this life you embraced them with your tender love; deliver them now from every evil

and bid them eternal rest.


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