Bangkok a paradise for youth

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Bangkok is a very cool city that has a very colorful and electrifying night. Bangkok has some of the best live music and jazz clubs which attract crowd from all corner of world. The city is rich in traditional activities which makes the heart pure. Thinking of going to Bangkok, well there are lot of tour and travel operators who will guide you but for me Dear flight is the cheapest.
There are some of the top places where the people will love to visit.
Visiting to the temple
Grand Palace is the top most attraction of Bangkok where most of the god fearing people visits. It is in an isolated place, away from the materialistic world, in the lap of natures, attracts everyone one from young to old. It is more like a heaven for the person seeing for the first time, magnetizing everyone to come inside with open heart. This temple is beautifully decorated with stone and precious metal and is well in scripted with designs inside the temple, which are really wonderful. Inside the temple, you will see magnificent Buddha which will make you feel as if he is alive and he is smiling. The entire tourist operator makes sure that everyone visits this magnificent, unforgettable temple.
Floating market
This will be the most wonderful experience for anyone who is seeing for the first time, a floating market. It is one of the most haunted tourist destinations. Here the concept is very unique. This city has many canals which gave a new idea for the local person to sell their products on boat. In this way a local floating market came into existence and in a very short span of time it became very popular. Most of the person sells vegetables, flower, and fruit on their boat.
Siam is one of the most popular tourist places in Bangkok. Siam features many modern shopping malls, eclectic bars and many nightclubs. One thing that differentiates Siam from Sukhumvit, is the family attractions .You will be surprised to see many family going to nightclub at night which is unusual. Hard rock Café and concept Café are the high lights of Siam nightlife.
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Silom is the financial hub of Bangkok andis the tourist destination. One of the most prominent attractions of the Bangkok is the Silom Complex which is located walk away from the Skytrain.
The Silom complex has multi – leveled Central Department stores. There are number of well known international Boutiques like Accessorize, Mango, and Muji. This is a good place if you want to escape from busy and madding crowds .You can relax in open space which is quite common there.
Bangkok, the name is enough to create an excitement in most of us and especially youth.
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