Fault In Our Stars

Best book of 2013


This book is about a girl named Hazel, she has thyroid cancer that spread to her lungs. Hazels meets a boy names Augustus waters at a cancer support group Augustus lost his right leg to a cancer called osteosarcoma and he now has a prosthetic leg. Gus and Hazel develop a relationship and fall in love. Hazel has a favorite book called An Imperial Affliction which she loves so much and encouraged Augustus to read. After he read it he fell in love with the book too and he decides to bring Hazel to Amsterdam the meet the Author of the book named Peter van Houten. Augustus and Hazel go on many adventures together they both go through tough times with their cancer and both are by each others sides helping them through it every time. Something terrible happens by the end with the book and somebody has to realize not every story has a fairytale ending, this is real life.

Genre: realistic fiction

By John Green