Youth Pastor

Live to help teenagers go through modern day life.


  • Jerry Tibbs is a Youth Director at the church that I attend at and really was a good guy to learn stuff from in my middle school my years.

  • I enjoyed writing in a journal that I have on sermons and messages to get a fix when I look back to read good influence in my life.

  • It has been about four years that I have been really into studying a tedious book as the Bible and trying to make connections that is hidden in it.

  • In being interested I have made great friends and memories with the kids that I have the pleasure to hang out with on Wednesdays nights. Plus I became the sound booth guy there and jam out to my music.
  • I have to say people that have an impact on my life is Jerry and Cody at my church. They work at the church and are in their thirties but act a lot like most immature high schoolers' I know. However they are wise since they have the longing to study what we Christians believe is God’s word.

  • I know for a fact that there are Christian artists out there making modern day music so we can listen to modern day music and not jeopardise who we are. A Youth Pastor or any job in a church really is a good one as well since I like being with people to

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Youth Pastor, Missionary, Christain Musician, Worship team, Evangilist

Next Steps

I can talk to people in my own church for information and backstory on that. There are colleges that offer specific Christian based degrees or minors. Get more involved in the Christian community.