People harmed because of TanningBed

What could be causing this? By:Sukaina Hussain&Autumn Boston

Why we are Against Tanning Beds

Over 73,870 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year. That's about the population of two towns! Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer. It will kill about 10,000 people every year. Tanning Beds are a main cause of this. People who are exposed to the indoor U.V light have a 59% increased chance of getting Melanoma.People who use tanning beds before age 30 are 75% more likely to develop melanoma.Because of this,tanning beds should be banned.
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U.V rays penetrating your skin^^^^^

Teens and how they're affected

Teenagers think going in indoor tanning beds will make them tanner,and more beautiful. This is a lie. After continuous use, teens can start looking 20 years older than they are. This is impacting others because you see, people go to tanning salons to have"beautiful skin",but little do they know that their skin is in danger.The U.V lighting in the bed, can make civilians more vulnerable to outdoor light. Many risks include

  • Skin Cancer
  • Wrinkles
  • Premature Aging
  • Possible Surgery
Tanning beds can also become addicting, making the user more prone to receive these risks.
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Tanning Beds can cause Pre-Mature Aging/wrinkles^^^^^^


The article SUNLAMPS AND TANNING BEDS GET FDA WARNING has said the following.The FDA has issued a final decision. They have said that sunlamps and U.V lamps have caused to many deaths/harm in these past few years, and they are going to take action. The FDA has recommended for the public to limit their time in tanning beds because most owners over-use them.