My Spring Break

Having Fun

Main Event

Anything to do all week in Spring Break! My week was great, there was three things that I did with my friends from church. We decided to do together. We decided to meet up at Main Event! Laser tag, Bowling, and Arcade Games were what we did. We spent about three to four hours at Main Event, it was really fun for all of us. That Monday is over, now we have to go home.

Friend"s House

After Main Event, my friend was bored and wanted to play basketball. We went to Wilshire Elementary, and also played five games there. At first there was only three people, then there was up to six people there in the outdoor court. After that we just decided to go to my house to eat and have a conversation there. At night we decided to slepp over my brother's friends house. We talked, luagh, and watch a movie called "American Sniper"! Then that day was over.

Roller World

I wasn't going to do anything all day, but my friends wanted to go do something. My other friends from church wanted to go to roller skating. at first I didn't want to, but by the time I said "yes". We all met up, i fell a lot! but by the time, it all went by fast and my whole Spring Break was over!