Heroes Among Us


Heroes Are Within Us

Anyone can be a hero. There are little consciences within everyone. Letting that voice guide you is difficult, but it is the road to becoming a hero. Heroes have good intentions, and when you helps someone, your positive voice only gets louder. One true hero is Homa Ghaemi, an immigrant who travelled to the United States from Iran. She started out alone in this country, but now is married with two children, and she has left permanent effects on the world for the better.

Heroes Are People Like Us

The online definition of a hero is “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.” Some see heroes with superpowers or public authority figures, but that doesn’t even cover half of the word. A hero is someone you aspire to be, someone who takes action with the best of their intentions. But do heroes really exist? Or are they merely works of fiction, or upholding people to unrealistic standards? Heroes are perceptions that people will always hold. When shaping out who you want to be, you often look to a figure you have wanted to be like. A hero is someone who helps people in need with no expectation of reward.

A hero is a leader who isn’t afraid to make mistakes in order to help others. Imagine if a parent weren't there to defend their child against ruthless bullies at school. Consider how tough life would be without the help of others who have more experience and help you avoid their mistakes. How would anyone learn to help others if there are no people to help them? Everyone assists each other in a community. But why? It's because they have had others help them when they were in a tough situation. It might be inconvenient, it may not be the way people would like to spend their time, but when people assist others with no need for gain, the cycle will continue, and more heroes will arise. If more people are like this, there will always be people to take their place, because when people admire someone for their actions or for their memory, it will make people work hard to do the same thing.

A hero is someone who won't crumble from difficult odds. A dad went skiing with his family over spring break. After he separated his shoulder on the rocky mountains of Utah, his daughter refused to ever ski again; she had no intention of backing down, but the dad didn't stop until his daughter started to ski with him again. This demonstrates what hero is because even though he separated his shoulder in an injury from skiing, he was able to help his daughter cope with her fears. Heroes exist everywhere. Everyone’s a hero for someone else, no matter what they do, as long as they contribute positively.

As proven, being an independent fighter or a leader can both qualify as being a hero to others. Anyone who helps other people without expecting compensation is a true hero. There are many people who help contribute to society, but people with these certain aspects are the ones who may call themselves heroes. Have you ever gotten help from someone to get out of a messy situation, or used someone's advice? What would you have done without them? Help others and you'll be helping yourself. Remember, anyone can become a hero.

The Right Lyrics Bring Motivation

A hero is someone who helps people in need with no expectation of reward. This definition definitely applies to Rachel Platten, a newly famed pop star singer. Before she became famous, Rachel would sing in the “Musicians on Call” program. She would sing to cancer patients, and in a way, that is what helped her create her own music. In her new song, “Fight Song,” she teaches people to stay positive and not give up, even if the fight seems impossible to win. Rachel Platten falls under the category of “hero” because she provides people with new motivation and determination to keep going.

Rachel Platten is a hero because she tries to contribute positively, even if others receive the benefits and she does not. According to The London Evening Standard Newspaper, “before her fame, Platten worked with the charity Musicians on Call, singing at hospital bedsides. ‘Whenever I went to do that, it was this one-on-one, incredible moment that would remind me and really strengthen for me how powerful music was. I couldn't give up because even if it was just on that basis, it was really helping.’” Rachel Platten realized the power of music as she was helping others. She contributed positively to the medical world; she was able to help others, so she helped herself and became a true hero.

Rachel Platten and my personal hero, my mom, share many attributes that make them both heros. They both tell incredible stories that give people the motivation to keep going and make stories of their own. My mom came to America to escape a revolution, but she had no family or friends to fall back on here. Rachel Platten was venturing into the unknown when she became a pop star singer, trying new techniques that are impossible to remain unheard. What makes them both exceptional is the fact that they both persisted and tried to make the best of their situations while contributing to society. My mom came to the United States alone and had a tough time coping, but after years of persistence and patience, she made a life here and has a job she has always wanted, making positive and permanent marks on society. Rachel Platten tried for fifteen years to find the right words to sing in a song, and after years of attempts, she has finally hit fame and encouraged others with her heart twisting story. Rachel Platten and my mom, Homa Ghaemi, are both heroes because no matter how tough their lives got, they both were able to make a positive impact on society. In effect, they were also making the lives of others better and a little bit brighter.

If Rachel Platten and my mom were put in a room to talk, they would probably hit it off very well. They both have pretty strong stories. Strength and persistence are both constant themes in both of them. Rachel Platten and my mom both fit the hero definition in contrasting ways. My mom’s story remains in obscurity in society, yet she is always here, making allowances for her time and life to help make buildings designed safer and more stable for the future. Rachel Platten is a hero because through her songs she is able to communicate messages that speak to the hearts of many people. They both help the world and they do not receive nearly as much attention as they both deserve. If there is anything that can be learned from either of these people, it is that life is full of obstacles and roadblocks. They may seem impossible to overcome, but with hard work and the right type of motivation, anyone can break through the hardships they must face.

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