Tech Class

Fletcher, Landen

Haiku Deck

  • I used Haiku Deck to present my possible dream job.
  • You can make slides with picture and paragraph describing what your topic is about.
  • It is easy to find pictures Haiku Deck and not have to close the website to search for pictures online.

Explain Everything

  • If you are given any math problem or want to demonstrate how to solve it, this is a great place for it.
  • I used Explain Everything to show how i found an answer to a math problem and how i got there.
  • With Explain Everything you can create new slides to describe each topic.
  • You can also record yourself and say each step while using Explain Everything.

Career Locker

  • I used this website to help find jobs that fit my interests.
  • Here, you can learn about a job with what they do, their income, and what you need for the job.
  • You can also use this website to find a college to go to.

Go Animate

  • I used this website to make a custom story for a project.
  • This website can be used for making any type of propaganda.
  • You can make characters speak and pose. You can pick a setting and place objects.


  • I used this website to create a short video of my daily routine.
  • You can add pictures and add captions to a slide.
  • This could be a great place to present a job or what what a day in your life is like.

Typing Web

  • I used this website in technology class.
  • Typing Web helps you become a better typer.
  • It shows you your accuracy and words per minute.