Learning About The Canon EOS-30D

Exploring the Camera

The Canon EOS-30D and the Importance of It

The Canon EOS-30D is one of the best Digital cameras. It has many features, and most of them will be described here. I chose this topic because I like photography, and I have this camera at home. So I thought it would be interesting to learn about it. This topic is important because if people want to become photographers, and they want to learn how to use this camera and what its features are, they will need to research this.

Top Panel

Left Side of The Camera

The only feature on the Left Side is the Control Wheel. It is used to change shutter speeds and apertures. There are six different modes: P, TV, AV, M, A-DEP, and The Green Rectangle. P lets the camera decide the Shutter speed and aperture. Tv is when you manually select the shutter speed but the camera decides the aperture. Av is when you manually select the aperture, but the camera decides the shutter speed. M is when you manually select both the shutter speed and the aperture. A-DEP is where you select the aperture based on How much depth of field you require. The Green Rectangle sets both things by itself.

Right Side of the Camera

The Right Side of the Top Panel has many functions. The light bulb symbol lights up the LCD display. The AF-WB lets the two control dials change these functions. AF stands for Auto Focus- which lets the camera control the focus. WB stands for White Balance, which lets you control the colors. The Drive- ISO button does the same thing as the AF-WB button. The button with The circles inside the rectangle with and arrow to the lightning bolt with the + and - selects the meter mode and the flash brightness. The Button with no label in front of these buttons is the button that lets you take the picture.

Rear Panel

The Rear Panel is where most of the main features are located. The Power Switch turns the camera on and off. The Dial lets you scroll through items on the LCD. The Set button lets you select items that you are scrolling through using the dial. The Red Light turns on when the memory card is working. The Blank Button is a 9-way navigation button. When you are on the playback mode, it lets you scroll around the image. The Squiggle- Printer button does two things. The squiggle lets you send the images to your computer, while the printer symbol lets you print directly to and inkjet computer. The Menu button lets you access all of these menus. The Info button does 3 things. When you are in playback mode, it first shows you the image. Then it shows the image with the file number, frame counts, and shutter speed. After that, it shows a page of more data and a histogram. The Jump button lets you go to the three color coded kinds of menu items, which are the shooting, playback, and wrench, while you are on the menu function. The Play button plays the images. If you press it again, it turns off the playback. The Trash button deletes the image.

Top Rear Corner

The button with the Star and Checker board lets you zoom out of an image when you are on playback mode. It also turns on flash. The button with the magnifying glass with a plus sign is used to zoom into a picture.

Front of Camera

The Front of Camera is one of the easiest to use. The Lightning Bolt button is used to pop up the built in flash. The Larger Unmarked button is used to unlock the lens for removal. The Teeny unmarked button is used to look at a preview to see if the background can be distracting.

My Resources

I used the website http://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/30d/controls.htm which helped me learn all the controls and functions. Another resource that I used is a YouTube video created by the Username: Richard Berry Photography.


Technology is growing around the world, and new technology is being discovered everyday. As our world evolves, we need to be able to know how to use different types of technology. As there are over 10,000 cameras in the world, we cannot master them all. I feel we should obtain the knowledge of at least our everyday appliances. This camera is one of the most interesting things I have studied, and I feel everyone should learn about their own technology too. Memories are forever, and so are photographs. Not everything is going to exist forever. But photography helps keep the memory of these things forever. Cameras are a great way to keep these memories, which is the reason I shoes this topic. Photography is one of my hobbies, and I feel everyone should try it.