Colorful Button-Shaped Candies


These six candies are the "spokescandies" for M&M. They include Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Blue, Ms. Green, Mr. Orange, and Ms. Brown. With Ms. Brown being the newest addition joining the group in 2012.


One of the companies longest lasting slogans is "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand." This was because this candy was based off of a way that soldiers could take chocolate with them with out it melting.
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Interesting Facts:

1. M&M's came about because soldiers wanted a taste of home in the form of chocolate, so Mar's went after it and came up with a way to coat chocolate with a hard candy which could withstand almost any climate.

2. During the 1970's the red M&M was discontinued due to the health concern for the red die that was being used in the red M&M's. The red M&M's were then continued again 10 years later.

3. When red was discontinued in the 70's Orange took its place to make up for the lose of an M&M. When red came back orange was kept as it had become apart of the candy gang.

4. When consumers voted for a new color, while pink and purple where considered, blue won the vote and blue was added to the mix in 1995.

5. When the blue M&M came into play in 95, the tan M&M was discontinued quietly after being in the mix since the 1940's.

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Various Logo's:

M&M World:

There are three designated stores that are specific to just selling M&M's. They are in New York, Las Vegas, and London.
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Brand Image:

Through the use of colors in the brand they are trying to make the product very appealing to the consumer. They are selling chocolate candies the more color the better they catch your eye.

Target Market:

The M&M target market includes any consumer that loves chocolate or is a lover of candy.

The secondary market would be to soldiers across the sea as they want a taste of home.