How to become President

requirements, tips and suggestions

The requirements

  • you must be a natural born citizen
  • 35 years or older
  • U.S resident for 14 years

step 1:primary and caucus

  • primary are were people cast secret ballots to choose a political parties canadats. Primary's are held for the most puldice offices and that includes the presedency.
  • caucus: this is another way to vote for your candidates for election there a series of meetings that are held everywhere in the state in these meetings the parties talk about there candidates, they vote for state delegates that represent the candidates they like.

step 2

  • each of the parties hold a convection to vote for the president nominee
  • that president nominee chooses a vice president canadate

step 3

  • the president canadate travels through out the country trying to win peoples votes
  • people vote for 1 president and 1 vice president there actually voting for a group of people that are electors

step 4

  • the electoral college system every state gets a certain amount of electors that are based on the number of repestitves in congress
  • each elector cased 1 electoral vote that follow the election. the total number of electoral votes are 538 you need to get more than half to win the election


  • win Iowa