lost and found

a really good book

"lost and found" by Anna Schraff


this is my thoughts for the book. . . lost and found!

This book is a really good book i really hope you read it at first i didn't really like it but as the book went on it get way better i promise!

summery for the book

this book is about these two girls,there names are Jamie and Darcy,there sister. there dad had left them 5 years ago. The both of them have hurt from this event. Jamie hasn't been the same sense this has happened to her and her sister because Jamie and her dad we're really close it was like Jamie was like a princess to her dad and now she is always listening to her rap music really, really loudly and so she hangs out with this boy who she think she loves and he loves her but really it's not true hey sister Darcy has always been looking out for Jamie because she sure don't want her little sister to get hurt. also the grandmother has been really ill lately so Darcy has been taking care of her for awhile! the mother works nights at the hospital. Darcy hates her dad for leaving them.and then out of no where there dad shows up and him and Darcy have a really long conversation.he kept on say he was wanting to come back and he tried to explain why he left them. he told her that he thought that there mom could better with out him. Jamie ends up doing something that you will have to read the book to find out.