Adversity Tribune

Nolan Aidan Baker


How is Perseverance Defined? One Might say And here is the answer, Perseverance is defined by the goals you reach, and the things you go through and have Resilient to get there are called adversities.

Losing to Win

The Lady Jags had a problem of not wanting to go home because there house was morose and not want to go to school also They really didn't contemplate things. Also a lot of them did drugs stole things and had a rough life. One possible solution is they made them join the basketball team. This solution is good because they all had problems and basketball teaches you about trust family and life especially with the coach the lady Jags had he was not just their coach he was their father that some of them didn't have he motivate them to get through their day This answer is not negative at all because it helped them live. Therefore most of them got out of Carroll Academy and was able to go back to their normal school. As a result they all were happy they got to go back to their school and were taught many life lessons that bent them into shape. (Problem/Solution)

The Beginning to The End

Jackie Robinson in the beginning of the book and end of the book are alike in several ways. Both are mature and good ball players. have similar attitude. Both also have good health and are treated badly for being black. On the other hand one way they differ is they change the way he lives and feels. Another difference is in the end he is happier and excited to be in the big leagues. Although they share many characteristics they are very different (Compare/Contrast)

A Leader From Birth

Eleanor is a leader and a mover historical figure. She was born in 1884 . Her childhood she felt unwanted and alone because her parents wanted a boy. Throughout her life she has shown Perseverance, Resilience, Determination, and Positivist. For example in, her Childhood she was made fun for being homely and ugly. She also was resilient because her husband was diagnosed of Polio and she did his job for a decent amount of time during her darkest days this is a big encumber to carry around. However, she is best known for Being a awesome civil rights mover for women this is the greatest accomplishment of her life

During this time she fought for women she worked with homeless people

She once said, “For life for death” From this quote, we know she wanted everything to be equal between men and women. as you see she was an awesome mover and she was a character to live life by her amazing quotes. (Description)

The Experiment

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The Change

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