Prairie World's Fair!

Prairie hosts a 2nd 1893 World's Fair on October 26th, 2012

1893 World's Fair Comes to Prairie Campus Once Again

Barrington's very own Prairie Middle School Campus once again has the pleasure of hosting another 1893 World's Fair on October 26th, 2012. Of course, everyone had a fantastic time learning about things they never knew existed! I personally just loved the enthusiast attitude that everyone seemed to have towards the fair. Look below for some of my personal favorites!

Count Down to Best Project

  1. Aquarium (Names not available)
  2. Elevators by Kaylee McConville's group
  3. Roller Coasters (Names not available)
  4. Tesla Coil (Names not available)
  5. Wild West Show by Kirsten Ittner's group
  6. Aquariums by Marisa Governale's group
  7. Radios by Emily Blank's group
  8. Typewriter (Names not available)
  9. Ferris Wheel (Names not available)
  10. Electric Light bulb (Names not available)

We have a winner!

All of the exhibits put up a good fight to catch people's eyes, but this one was by far my favorite. I'm not sure if it's the decorations, or the computer inside of a fish tank that was playing a video that caught my eye, but either way it was jaw-dropping. The first time I saw it, my first thought was, "Why didn't I think of that?". Even if I was slightly jealous, I still have to vote this exhibit to be number 1 on my list of amazing projects.
Created by Laura Whipple

Pictures by Laura Whipple