A Love Note from Julie

Dear Solana Santa Fe Staff,

It is with great sadness and excitement that I write this letter to announce that I have been appointed and promoted to serve our district as the Director of Instructional Services. The position will begin July 1 of this year. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to serve the district in a new capacity and to still work closely with all six of our district principals as we move forward during this very dynamic time in education!

As excited as I am, you can imagine the heavy heart that I have at the thought of leaving Solana Santa Fe. I have spent the last 21 years of my life serving this community at this very special school. I have literally been a part of SSF since the very beginning - serving on the design team before it was even built and being hired as the first staff member. I have had the privilege of hiring almost every one of you. We are an amazing team and together we have created a very magical place for students. I so admire your dedication to providing a top-notch education to every child and your willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that a child succeeds. Everyday, each of you models the type of citizens that we hope our students will become: caring, kind, respectful adults who are risk takers and life long learners with the skills and passion to make a difference.

The district is working quickly to sort out all the details and more information will soon be available regarding the timeline for naming the new principal. Dr. Nancy Lynch, our superintendent, will be developing a process in which all stakeholders will have an opportunity to give input as to the characteristics that you value in a principal. I hope to be involved in the hiring process and will definitely be working closely with the new principal to ensure that it is a smooth transition for all.

I will forever treasure my time spent as the principal of Solana Santa Fe and will cherish the relationships that I have formed along the way. It has been a dream to work with such an amazing staff and an honor to have touched the lives of thousands of children who have called Solana Santa Fe their school! I will miss working day in and day out with all of you; and mostly, I will miss the smiling faces of our students and the hugs that brighten the toughest of days. The good news is that I am still working in the Solana Beach School District and I will still have a hand in the future endeavors at all six of our schools, including Solana Santa Fe! I know that our school will continue to grow and flourish and I am excited to be a part of that future - albeit in a different role.