Mayor Nelson Crabb

By: Paige Rolling

Nelson Crabb

Do you want to hear about your local government? Well, I am going to tell you about your local government in Clear Lake, Iowa. The head of the local government is the mayor. That is the person I am going to tell you about. I'll start now.

I'll start by telling you about Nelson Crabb himself. He has three kids and a wife. His kids are Tina, Andy, and Kattie. His wife is Darleen. He also has six grandchildren.

Now I will tell you what Nelson Crabb does for Clear Lake. The mayor and the rest of the local government is in charge of fire departments, libraries, schools, and trash collections. They also build some roads. They are often in charge of keeping the streets clear of snow and ice in the winter.

Now I will tell you about how long he has been in office. He has been in office since 2006. He is up for re-election this year in 2013. He is going to be in office for seven years. That is longer then most cities. Most cities only have there mayor be mayor for two to four years.

Nelson Crabb is mayor in Clear Lake, IA. I know I already told you that, but I thought that I should tell you it again. Clear Lake, IA is in the United States of America. That is most likely were you live, and are right now!

Now I will tell you a few things on why we have a mayor. The first thing is that he oversees the fire department, libraries schools, trash collections, and he will make dissensions like adding a stop light to a busy street.

The mayor's work contributes to the common good to the community, because in some places they have to put together a group of people, because there was a weather problem, so they clean it up. In some places they do not have to do it. They are lucky they don't have to make a group. I think that most mayors accept the position, because they want to see the city succeed, and they care about it.

I hope you learned a little more about local government then you already knew. Now you might respect all of the mayor's responsibilities. They have a lot of them. That is all I have to say!

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This is what Nelson Crabb looks like.

This is a link to his Biogrophy if you want more information.

What Mayor Nelson has to say about being a mayor

*Nelson must make sure that the city has responsible employees.
*He conducts the business of the city at council meetings.
*There are 65 city employees.
*Nelson enjoys being mayor.
* The reason he enjoys being the mayor is that he can serve the people of Clear Lake.
*He is the spokes person for some things.
*His job is to contribute to the community.
*Nelson Crabb was born on 1940, September 17th
*This is his 8th year as mayor. The terms for mayor are 4 years. This is his 2nd year.
*His biggest accomplishment was the restoration of the lake.
*They put filter boxes on the bottom of the lake.
*Nelson is up for reelection at the end of this year.
*He enjoys nature.