Technobears BWMS

Osvaldo, Christian, Brent, Kai, Ezra


Hello! This is a message for the people without recent technological knowledge of the devices that many youths currently use in the 21st Century. Here are some of the advantages to having knowledge of how to use recent advanced technology.Lets Get Started. First of all, all you people out there that say that technology only rots our brain. Are wrong. Technology has helped us from alerting the military of the bombing at pearl harbour, all the way to making massive amounts of cars in one day. Technology started hundreds of years ago when they first invented the wheel. Now we can guide satellites into outer space!!! When you think about technology you don't think just about computers. Technology includes, phones, computers, grass mowers, jack hammers, cars, microwaves and so much other stuff. You have to learn how to use all sorts of technology because if you don't, well good luck with that. Ok so i a, going to talk to your about the history of computers. The programmable computer was invented by a brilliant man named Charles Babbage, but the term "Computer" really meant someone who sat around all day and calculated stuff. The computer back then was not really that "small" it was actually really big. The size of a human!!! The computer went evolving and evolving until it became a PC or Personal Computer. People then could use the a PC for many stuff including sending emails. Then came along two guys called Steve Jobbs and Bill Gates. They worked together and invented a lot of software. But then they broke apart and Bill Gates stayed with what we know today as Windows, and Steve Jobbs stayed with what we know today as Apple. Bill gates made PC and and Steve Jobbs made the MacBook. Bill gates is currently living and is the one of the worlds richest men. But sadly Steve Jobbs has died, he died from a PC. He died from pancreatic cancer.well that's as much as u have right now feel free to add more. Thanks bye.