Top Five Aspects of History

5 to 1

5. Written Language

To start off our list, we listed written language in the number 5 spot. Written language is important because people were able to communicate to each other without talking. People were also able to create artifacts so that historians today can understand what went on in the past. With written language they were able to create rules and write them down to remember them, which lead to government. As a result the societies became more structured, which lead to create a society that would last over the years.

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4. Crafting Tools

As our number four choice we chose the crafting of tools, not the crafting of stone tools, but just about the first tools. Before we had any tools, all work was so many times more laborious than it had to be. With the invention of basic tools, daily work became much easier.

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3. Domestication of Plants and Animals

We ranked the domestication of plants and animals as our number three choice. The domestication of plants and animals was very important because it lead to us becoming more sedentary and it lead us to create an abundance of food. Because the majority of people were farmers at one time in history, the domestication of plants lead to a huge abundance of food. Also since we were able to domesticate animals, we were able to keep them in pens, leading to easier breeding and easier killing for goods.

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2. Trade

Trade was one of the most important things that lead to the rise of civilizations, this is because it spread all kinds of things from different cultures. The most important reason was aiding the spread of agriculture. The most early civilizations developed agriculture and people in the trade business spread this discovery across all of Europe, the middle east, Africa, and Asia.

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1. Agriculture

We have everything we do today thanks to agriculture. Originating around 9,000 years ago, agriculture is responsible for things we look over in our daily life, from anything as simple as sliced bread to more complex things, such as irrigation systems.

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