The Anasazi Indians

By: TaylerS. & Cody

The Riddle Of The Anasazi Indians-Summary

The Anasazi peopled lived high on a cliff in Mesa Verde, Colorado. They lived about 2,000 years ago, but then they disappeared. Scientist have been trying and trying to find out why or how they disappeared. Scientist have MANY theories like drought, war, disease, and so on.

They thought it could have been drought because they would have had no rain and long hot days which could have killed there crops causing them to have no food.

It could also have been war because during war a lot of there people would die and war could have scared them off.

Now disease. Disease was very easy to get. Because as the Anasazi population grew so did all the garbage, refuse, and waste they produced which could make them get sick.

Question And Answer's From The Book

1. What is special about the way the Anasazi built there settlements at Mesa Verde? Answer: It is special because they bult them on the cliffs. They even have a nick name "The CliffDwellers".

2. Why is it unlikely that a drought caused the Anasazi's to abandon Mesa Verde? Answer: It was unlikely to be drought because they have been through alot longer droughts.

3. Why are there so many theories about the Anasazi? Answer: A lot of hard things happened around the time they died and there’s not a lot of evidence.

4. Of all the therories about why the Anasazi’s deserted there settlements which do you agree with most? Explain your answer. We (Cody and I) think disease. Because with all the trash and with having no “good” medicine could cause them to become really sick.

Making Connections:

How does the Anasazi’s dissapearance compare with any other myseterious events you have read about? Answer: Me and Cody both have read about Amelia Earhart where her plane crash’s into the “Pacific Ocean”.

The Anasazi Home Land Map


Our FactsAre From

By: A Tig Production

Book: Riddle Of The Anasazi By: Barbara A. Donovan

Video Title: The Anasazi - Chaco Canyon - 500 Nations - Native American Hopi Tribe