Kingston Elementary Music & Art

Mrs. Clark's Class

When I grow up!

This is a wonderful song with a great inspiring message for our kids! The tune is very catchy too!

About Mrs. Clark

This is beginning of my eleventh year of teaching and my seventh year with the Kingston school district. I taught K-12 music and drama at small school in northern Missouri for a year and then K-5 music in the bootheel of Missouri. I taught the junior high band and choir and high school choir and music appreciation at Kingston from 2010- September of 2013. I moved up the hill to teach K-5 music, art and 3-5 gifted at Kingston Primary and Elementary. I am loving teaching the smaller kids and seeing their creative side come alive.

I spend my time out side of school with my family. I have two sets of twins; 3 year olds, Sam and Will, and 5 month olds, Daniel and Isabelle (Izzy). We have a cattle farm and raise Santa Gertrudis cattle. We spend a lot of the summer traveling to shows, sales and fairs. I enjoy reading and learning new skills when I have the time.

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