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Marine biologist


Marine biologists study marine animals. They watch an animal's behavior and how they react to thier enviroment. Usally a marine biologist only studies one speices at a time.

Education and personality

To become a marine biologist you should be curious, have a love for nature and oceans, be creative, and have persitnce. the education required is a bachlor or master degree in marine biology, biology, or zoology. If you want to reasearch indenpendenly or teach marine biology you will need a PhD. 

Cool fact: If a marine biologist is in a lab or on the feild depenes on the weather.


Marnie biogolists make and avange of $59,330 dollars a year. The estimated job growth from 2010 to 2020 is 14% to 20%. compaines that hire in this field are monterey bay aquarium reseach institution and script institue of oceangraphy. 

Soical benefits

marine biologists help discover new medical componds from marine bactria. They also help get the fish to the aquariums that you see. And thier research helps us better understand how fish live and use that information to help humanity.