skeleton man

Cade Mechell,Leslie Cabrera,McKenna Kirkpatrick, Jenna Kirk

summery of skeleton man

First their was a girl named Molly.Came back from school her parents did not come, days heaved passed without any signs of them. One day some weirdo came and took her and she slept their for days and days passed she had some weird dreams about a bunny said come sister i will help but your parents are buried so they are dead said the gir no they are just buried i will help you escape.

how did she change over time

molly changed over time because she was all sweet but she got scared and curious about what was happening

Skeleton Mans house

" i was in the wood the leaf creaked ,the wind was blowing, the wolf pack were howling. i would nearly move if it is really dark, its like if i was in my room with my light off. I am trying to run away i am really stewing and tired i want to stop but i wont stop till i run way completely i hear him coming from behind."
Skeleton Man Book Trailer
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