Family Practices in Healthcare

Gabriela Villa

1- How does your family define health?

My family defines health as a life style where we not only take care of feeding, but body health as well.

2- How does your family stay health?

We defined that to stay healthy we should exercise daily, also we should eat natural foods not processed.

3- How does your family define illness?

We define illness when someone has a health disorders that causes pain or makes someone feel bad.

4- What would your family define as a minor medical problem?

My family defines a minor problem is something that is not going to take someone's life. Example: headache, cold, etc.

5- How does your family know when a given health problem does not need medical attention?

We usually know that we don't need to go to the doctor if is something that already happen with us and we know how to treat.

6- How does your family "self-diagnose"?

Yes, for example if someone has a stomachache is because they ate something different, or if someone sometimes has a headache is because or ate different food or forgot to eat?

7- Does your family use over-the-counter medications? Which ones and when?

We usually use adivil for headaches and also alka-seltzer for stomachache?

8- Who is the first person you turn to when you are ill?

I first turn to my mom.

What is the family's ethic background? Country of origin? Religion?

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2- What did they do to maintain health?

They controled their food by having a balanced diet, also maintain the injection of natural/ organic food.

3- What did they do to prevent illness?

They used to have natural herbs/ vitamins in which would keep the, health.

4- What home remedies did they use to tread illness?

they used to make juice out of leaves that are good for our health, the leave that they used is called " boldo".