The Artist

Donatello's Background

Donatello was born 1386 in Florence, Italy, and died in 1466 in Florence, Italy. He started art when he was about 17 years old. He was an apprentice by renowned sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. Donatello was educated at the home of the Martellis. Also he traveled with Bruellschi traveled to Rome to study classical art, and got great knowledge that was valuable from this trip.

His Achievements

Donatello thought about the art of sculptures in a new way as he began to break away from the elegant popular Gothic style in search for a more life-like approach. In 1415 he produced his famous marble statue of Saint George, it showed Donatello studied the human body and understood it. He started using the technique Rilievo Schicicciate in which the statue stands out less than one inch from the background. Donatello worked on many statues, monuments, and reliefs in marble and bronze.

Impact on Today

Donatello started making his sculptures more life-like which encourages modern artists to do so as well.Donatello was an innovator his techniques were copied repeatedly by his contemporaries and successors and still inspire artists today.

Interesting Facts

During his apprentice with a large team of assistants and apprentices that helped Ghiberti build the great bronze doors of the Baptistery in Florence. He also made the "Gattamelata" which was the first bronze Equestrian monument of the Renaissance and was immediately influential. Donatello's real name was Donatodi Niccolo di Betto Bardi.


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