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Physical Properties: Solid, Insoluble in water, Silvery-White

Chemical Properties: A transition metal, Dissolves in Aqua Regia, Its a Para magnetic

Where It Can Be Found: It can be found in Earths Crust

Uses: over half platinum is used to make jewelry and the rest for industry use.

Re-activity: Platinum does not react with air or water. It dissolves in aqua regia. It also is corroded by halogens, cyanides, sulfer, and caustic alkalis

Isotopes: Natural Platinum occurs in five stable isotopes

Common Compounds: PtF6, PtO

Safety Information: Melts: 2041.4 [or 1768.3 °C (3214.9 °F)] K

Boils: 4098 [or 3825 °C (6917 °F)] K

Precioius Platinum

There was once a girl who owned a jewelry store, and everyone knew her around town because she was so beautiful, and well-liked. Precious was a match maker, and could always get couples to fall in love, like how Platinum makes beautiful rings for young couples fall in love with the beautiful rings it makes. Precious hated extremely hot weather, like platinum, it could melt in extremely hot weather. Precious could be brought everywhere because she was so friendly and she could fit into any social situation, like there are so many different types of jewelry to be worn, and can be worn at every time of the day.

Precious was a part of a stable family of five, like platinum occurs in five stable isotopes. Precious loves being outside and in water. One day when precious was working a man named Gabe Gold walked into her store, she began to grow feelings for Gabe, and you could see them together everywhere. Until one day Precious Platinum found out that Gabe Gold had a jewelry shop just down the street. She began to not like him as much because they were constantly competing in sales, like platinum competes with gold in jewelry.

As angry as Precious was that Gabe was beating her sales, she couldn't help but have a little crush on him. Gabe Gold asked Precious Platinum to marry him one day, and so she had nothing to do but say yes. After Gabe and Precious got married, they opened a jewelry store together. They loved each other so much that people said they reminded them of a compound. You can find Gabe and Precious next to each other anywhere, like you can find Platinum and Gold rings in the same store. Gabe and Precious lived happily ever after, and together they made the best store in town.