Speak Up

By Janet S. Wong


The theme of the poem is to not assume. Just because someone has a Korean background doesn't mean they can speak Korean or aren't from America.

Poetic Devices- Free verse, Alliteration-"Say some" other "stuff." "Sounds" funny. "Sounds strange." The author is trying to play with your ears with the "s" sound in the poem. Irony-The author is using a sound device in his poem, but the poem is about making assumptions based on what people look like.

Colors, Backgrounds, and Attitudes.

I chose the color red because I think this is an urgent message. People should take this seriously. Many people just assume. Before you assume why don't you ask? I chose the background which is a bunch of people to symbolize people all over the world. The mood is simple, but serious. I think my background and my colors show this. The speakers attitude doesn't really sound serious, but he is delivering a serious message of not assuming.