Number the Stars

By Lois Lowry


All Ellen Rosen's life she knew she was Jewish by it was never a big deal.

That is until one day, that changes her life. Ellen and AnneMarie Johansens have been best friends since they could remember. Ellen was Jewish and Ellen knew it and she was fine with it but that turned bad very quickly. That is when Nazi soldier come into town. The Nazi will not stop until all the Jews of Dennmark are relocated.

When the Nazi's come banging on Ellen's door, there is only one thing that her parents can think of. And is Ellen going to live with AnneMarie and her family. The girls have been through a lot together and have always stuck together but can they stick together in this situation or will or die trying to escape. And will Ellen ever see her mom and dad again. Well I am not going to tell you. You will have to read the book to find out.

Interesting facts

  1. All Danish children grew up familiar with fairy tales
  2. Most Jews did not have any butter or sugar at the time.
  3. The Nazi's soldiers would torture and torment with the Jews just to have fun

Who would enjoy this book???

If you are a fan of adventure and a little bit of mystery, than this book is for you. It teaches you what life as a Jew was. And it some times leaves you at suspense.

Genre of this book is FICTION

The rating I gave this book is a 3 out of 5