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FYI - M-Step Testing begins this week for 8th graders!

Tuesday, April 12th - ELA Adaptive Test (during 2nd & 3rd Hour)

Wednesday, April 13th - ELA Performance Task (during 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Hour)

FYI - 2nd Hour classes will be held during 1st hour period.

8th Grade Curriculum

8th grade students are starting a new unit this week: TCS - Transformations: Congruence and Similarity. In this unit students will be exploring...

3 Types of Symmetry

  • Reflection Symmetry
  • Rotation Symmetry
  • Translation Symmetry (and Tessellations)

4 Types of Transformations

  • Reflections (flips)
  • Rotations (turns)
  • Translations (slides)
  • Dilations (enlargements/reductions)

Transformation Rules - Using rules to transform shapes on a coordinate grid

7th Grade Curriculum

In the second part of Investigation 2 (INV 2b), 7th grade students will be exploring exponential growth as it relates to the financial world.

  • Relating Growth Factors with Growth Rates (% Increases)
  • Understanding Interest Rates for loans (credit cards) and investments
  • Understanding yield based on compound terms (i.e. monthly, daily, etc.)

Students will wrap up INV 2b with several "Performance Task" activities.

Task 1 - Students will explore how mortgages work

Task 2 - Students will compare several credit card offers

Task 3 - Students will consider 2 offers for purchasing a vehicle (Cash back vs lower interest rate)

Transformations - Resource Links and Videos

Parents and Students -

These are the same links and videos from the previous newsletter. I wanted to keep these resources accessible since 8th grade is now starting the Unit on Transformations.

Intro to Symmetry: All About Symmetry for Kids - FreeSchool
Geometric Transformations Song

Math song about transformations by Colin Dodd

Transformation Style - Song

Song about transformations - Parody of Gangnam Style

4 Types of Transformations

Another Song about Transformations - includes Dilations

✪ How Do I Translate a Figure? | 8th Grade Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Translate a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Reflect a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Rotate a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations
☆ How Do I Dilate a Figure? | Common Core Geometry Transformations
Parallel Lines Song: Sweet Child O (Parallel) Lines
☆ Parallel Lines Cut By Transversals | Exploring Angle Relationships