Principal Connection

January 17, 2016


TEACHER OF THE YEAR FINALISTS: Our final round of voting for Teacher of the Year will take place this week. Please go to the link below to vote for one of our 3 finalists- Nicole Garry, Beth Hall, Nikki Salzberg. All professional and classified staff are included in the voting process. Voting deadline is Friday, January 22, at 12pm.

PARENT & TEACHER COLLABORATION NIGHT: Thank you teachers for all you did to make this event a success! We heard feedback from several parents, and all were very appreciative of the information that was shared. With this being our second year to host the event, we were hoping for an even greater turnout than last year. Unfortunately, the overall attendance was much lower than expected. Given the fact that fewer than 40% of parents attended, coupled with the significant amount of time spent preparing for the evening, we would like to evaluate our options for next year. With the goal of hosting an event to enhance the school/home partnership, we will consider continuing with Parent & Teacher Collaboration Night or pursuing a different event for next year. We would like to invite any interested teachers to be a part of this conversation. Please email Jenny if you would like to be included. It will most likely involve a couple of meetings to brainstorm ideas and make a recommendation for next year's event.

CIP PROGRESS CHECK SURVEY: We had the most responses ever for the CIP Progress Check Survey. Thanks so much to the 47 teachers who completed the survey! We discussed all survey feedback at our CAC meeting last week and will continue to use this data in our ILT and CAC discussions as we plan for our 2016-2017 CIP goal focus. Your input is so valuable, and with the many responses and productive CAC discussions, we were able to identify some areas of need that we are able to address right away:

Lucy Calkins: Several respondents requested PD to help with Lucy Calkin's implementation (grades K-2nd). Some teachers also expressed concern regarding the appropriateness of Lucy Calkins to reach all levels of students. Based on your feedback, we are working to schedule an after school PD session for next month that will focus on implementing Lucy Calkins writer's workshop successfully with all levels of students. We are also planning for implementation support for next school year.

Technology Professional Development- iPad Ideas: Several respondents noted that it would be helpful to learn about different apps that can be used for daily instruction as well as for PBL presentations. Based on your feedback, our February PD session will consist of Campus Innovation Team teachers hosting table presentations to share iPad apps and web-based programs students are using to create. Teacher attendees will be free to visit whichever tables they would like to learn more about these programs.

Canvas: Several respondents chose 'delete this strategy' for the item related to Canvas PD. Additional comments requested that we do not schedule additional Canvas PD. Based on your feedback, we will not schedule any more Canvas PD this year. We will continue to support teachers who would like help using Canvas. We will also keep everyone informed of any new features, particularly parent accounts and communication with TEAMS, that become available.

DOLPHIN CAMP: Dolphin Camp will take place the week of June 6-10. So far, we have 4 different camps that will be offered. If you are interested in leading a camp, go to to submit a proposal. Teaching Assistants interested in providing before/after camp care should also follow this link to state your interest. The deadline for submitting camp proposals is Wednesday, 1/27. If you have any questions about Dolphin Camp, contact April Morley. She will be coordinating all aspects of Dolphin Camp.

LOOKING AHEAD: 1/18-1/22


  • MLK Holiday
  • Happy Birthday Holly Chen!


  • DRA Testing Window Opens (K only)

  • TPRI Testing Window Opens (K, 1st, 2nd)

  • 8-9am: Chinese Lion Dancers, Cafeteria (K)

  • 6:00-7:30pm: Family Fitness Night


  • 7:30am-3:30pm: Jenny D out, Principal Meeting @ Delco

  • 10am-1:30pm: One World Field Trip (K)

  • CANCELLED: 3-4pm: Technology Infrastructure Committee Meeting, Library


  • CANCELLED: 3:05-4:00pm: Technology PD

  • 7-8:30pm: PTA Meeting

  • Happy Birthday Kate Acuna!


  • 8-10am: Art Career Fair (Garry), Cafeteria
  • 12pm: Deadline to vote for Davis Teacher of the Year


  • Happy Birthday Amy Wagner!




1/25, 3:05-3:30pm: K 21st Century Planning

1/26: Science Fair Projects Due

1/26, 3:05-4:00pm: Faculty Meeting- TELL Survey

1/26, 5-8pm: Dine with Davis @ Brick Oven

1/27: TEMI Data Entry Deadline

1/27: Deadline to submit Dolphin Camp proposals

1/27: Science Fair Judging

1/27, 3:05-3:30pm: 1st 21st Century Planning

1/28, 3:05-3:30pm: 2nd 21st Century Planning

1/29, 9:30-10:30am: Murchison Choice Sheets (5th), Cafeteria


2/1, 9-11:30am: Paramount Theater Field Trip (2nd)

2/1, 3:05-3:30pm: 3rd 21st Century Planning

2/2: NAEP Testing (4th)

2/2, 3:05-4:00pm: ILT Meeting

2/3, 3:05-3:30pm: 5th 21st Century Planning

2/4, 9-11:30am: Armadillo Clay Field Trip (3rd)

2/4, 3:05-3:30pm: 4th 21st Century Planning

2/4, 6-7:30pm: Science Fair Exhibition and Awards


2/8, 3:05-3:30pm: PreK 21st Century Planning

2/8, 3:05-4:00pm: ILT Meeting

2/9, 3:05-4:00pm: CAC Meeting, Library

2/9, 3:05-4:00: PBS/SEL Meeting

2/10: DRA Data Entry Deadline (K)

2/10: TPRI Data Entry Deadline (K, 1st, 2nd)

2/10: MoY 2, STAAR Release Writing Benchmark (4th)