School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Regular Meeting

National Merit Student Recognition

The following students were recognized for receiving National Merit Semifinalist and Commended Student designations as follows.

Eight Semifinalists: Nur Maria Bookwala, Natalie Justine Britton, Roy Ghosh, Sumedha Kanthamneni, Aryaman Khandelwal, Rohith Ramanujam Kumar, Habeeb A. Salau and Sara Zdancewicz.

Eleven Commended students: Nina Yuanyuan Cao, Jonah D. Grob, Alex R. Hill, Nina E. Johnson, Matthew B. Lytle, James C. McDonald, Vikram Pandian, Sung Min Park, Seungkwon Son, Sean T. Thorpe, and Parker A. Herman.

Departing Board Member Recognition

Rich Sniscak recognized the longevity of service of Mark Hanichak and Barry Long who have served nine and eight years respectively on the School Board. They helped oversee the building of Jaindl Eleme School and the implementation of full-day kindergarten. David Kennedy expressed appreciation for all of their time and attention on the School Board.

Student Representative Report

Arayman Khandelwal Student Representative Report to the School Board:


Lisa Roth reported that Community Advisory Council has been wonderful this year. This month, Kelly Rosario talked about Full-day Kindergarten and Jason Henry spoke about the new reading program.

Bob Bold announced that the Senate Education Committee was supposed to vote on a Voucher bill for students in low performing schools. He thinks they may vote on the Budget tomorrow and heard they are leaning toward the House version vs. the Senate version.

Lisa Roth and Rob Cohen voted "no" on two cyber school payment, voicing their concern with the quality of education in the programs and the use of taxpayer funds to support it.


The Board and Mr. Sniscak made many remarks about Mark and Barry's service on the School Board, noting that each contributed much and that their input was always appreciated. Rich said Mark and Barry epitomized the selflessness that a Board Member personifies for PSD and the betterment of the children. He stated that PSD is in a better place because of their service. Everyone wished them much happiness and good health as they retire from the School Board at the end of November.

Both Mark and Barry thanked the Board for their comments and their support and friendship that has developed over the years.

The Board and Mr. Sniscak welcomed George Husack as the New Assistant Director of School Services for Transportation who was present.

Dave Kennedy remarked that the fall PHS play, Pride and Prejudice, was outstanding!

Next Meeting: November 21, 2017 at 7 PM Workshop and 8 PM Board Meeting

ACT 34 Public Hearing regarding the proposed new elementary school will be held on November 13, 2017 at 7 PM in the Board Room.