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We have a new format from last summer! A growing list of courses!

Dr. Nicki is adding 4 new courses to the Math Academy. The New Courses are: Math Intervention (k-2) (3-5); Leveling Math Fluency Workstations (k-2) (3-5); Leveling Word Problem Workstations (k-2) (3-5); and Math Toolkits (k-2) (3-5) .

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  • The First 20 Days of Math Workshop
  • Guided Math 2.0
  • Math Running Records in Action
  • Kindergarten Math in Action
  • Problem Solving in Action (k-2) (3-5)
  • Guided Math in Action (k-2) (3-5)
  • Math Workshop in Action (k-2) (3-5)
  • Math Workstations in Action (k-2) (3-5)

New Courses!

  • Leveling Math Fluency Workstations (k-2) or (3-5)
  • Leveling Math Word Problems Workstations (k-2) or (3-5)
  • Math Toolkits! (k-2) or (3-5)
  • Math Intervention (k-2) (3-5)

  • *All these courses are included in the Semi-Annual and Annual Passes.

    **Discounts for Districts (call us)

    A Certificate of Attendance for each course is issued.

    *The Leveling Courses are different from the Math Running Records and the Word Problem courses. The Leveling courses take a deep dive specifically into organizing, managing & assessing leveling of these Workstations. Whereas the general courses are an introduction to these topics.

    There are many great options! Whichever you choose, you will walk away with the knowledge, tools and skills you need to teach like you've never taught before!

    TAKE 1,2 or more!

    Courses start June 1st and are accessible for 2 months from date of registration.

    EARLY BIRD PRICING THROUGH MAY 20TH. After May 20th, all courses will be $109.

    We Are Introducing Individual, School and District Pricing!

    There is also an Individual Subscription offer: Semi-Annual is $250 and the Annual Pass is $350 for the year!

    School Subscription: Semi-Annual is $1000 and Annual is $1750.

    District Pricing 10% off of schools for 10 - 50 schools.

    Individuals enroll here:

    Schools can enroll below.(SCHOOLS SEE BELOW)

    Districts Must Call.

    Please email us or call if you have any questions.

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    Schools Web Registration (Fill out form below)

    Districts call: Phone:(347) 688-4927

    If you need to contact us:


    Fax: 203-549-3162

    Who: Classroom Teachers, Resource Teachers, Title 1 Staff, Special Education Staff, Math Coaches and Administrators working in k-5 classrooms!

    Where: Anywhere. They are all online. Once registered, the participants will receive the course key the day before the course begins!

    Why: To take your math instruction to the next level!

    You will Learn SO Much! You will WOW your students! Oh do come and have some fun! Great for PLC's too!

    Dr. Nicki Newton

    Dear Participant:

    I am really excited about these upcoming courses! I can't wait to work with you all on these engaging topics. Leveled Fluency Workstations and Leveled Problem Solving Workstations are the next step in targeting instruction and improving student achievement. They allow us to engage all students with purposeful practice. Math toolkits are essential to scaffolding thinking! Math Intervention that Works is so necessary in schools today from kindergarten on. These along with all of the other courses add to a Teacher's Toolkit! So, I look forward to working with you in these course to learn about things that improve student achievement!

    Happy Mathing,

    Dr. Nicki

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