Speaking out for those who cant

freedom of speech

My opinion

I think that we should be able to speak out for people who can't. If someone is shy or does not like to judge one's ways they will never get a say in anything. The people who are too shy should tell their friends what they think or what is going on so that their friends can tell someone or or help them out.


If someone is being bullied they may be to scared to speak up because what happened if they are being threatened that if they tell anyone they will pay? What happens to them if they dont? If you are a bystander you should speak up if you see something they should not have to be bullied If you speak up for them you would be helping them a lot. You might even save their life.
Speaking Up


There is another way you can speak up for those who cant. Animals. They are creatures to they deserve love and affection just like we do. Some people are abusive to their animals and they let them live on the streets. My only question is what did they do to deserve this? If you know of someone is abusive or cruel to animals you should speak up so the animals do not have to go through this. We may not be able to stop it but we can try to help as many animals as we can.