Mining in Alberta

The facts...

What is the purpose of the industry?

The purpose of the industry is to extract resources and energy from the minerals mined.

Where is the industry located?

The industry is located in Alberta.

Alberta’s oil sands have also invested mines in the province to allow a healthy amount of mining to be done.

How are natural resources taken from the land?

The natural resources are taken from the land by mining out rocks with ores in them, melt the stone and the ore into liquid, then let the liquid dry.

What are the pro’s and con’s of the industry? How does the industry impact the natural environment? What are the benefits of the industry? What are the negative impacts of the industry?

The industry impacts the natural environment by the extraction, as it pollutes the air and water, which is obviously an issue. The benefits, are the fact that you extract METALS, and that metals can provide energy (for your home).

Is this industry sustainable? Why or why not?

The industry is aiming towards sustainability of mining by producing more mines, as well as balancing out the amount of minerals mined.