Beliefs around the world

How does religion effect people in their daily life?

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The belief of Buddhism

Buddhism is not a religion it is a belief that all suffering is due to desires and selfishness. Its founder was Sidhartha in India. There are many legends about how his life was played out. Many surround the idea now which he went to search for enlightenment and spent days meditating and after about 42 days he was given the title "The Buddha". The Buddha stands for the enlightened one. He then began teaching the ways to achieve enlightenment. Every Buddha strives to reach Nirvana, a final resting place that doesn't have suffering and pain. Until they reach Nirvana they believe that reincarnation will take place along with karma, and dharma.
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1) All life is suffering, full of sickness and unhappiness. Pleasures will eventually vanish.

2) The reason why people suffer is because the desire things. Desires are never satisfied.

3) To end suffering, one most notice his desires and put a end up them.

4) when one changes their thinking and behaviors, the middle way is a new awaking that can be followed threw the eightfold path.

The Four Noble Truths: the essence of Buddha's teaching.
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The Eightfold

Follow the eightfold path to achieve Nirvana.

1) right understanding

2) right thought

3) right speech

4) right action

5) right effort

6) right mindfulness

7) right concentration

8) right work

Daily lives of Buddha.

For a Buddha they spend their daily lives trying to achieve enlightenment. They follow the eightfold path to try and reach Nirvana, instead of reincarnation. The eightfold path shows how people should have a clear mind and work hard to have close to a none suffering life. Many Buddha's spend there days meditating to aroumd 4-8 hours. They spend there time trying to erase all desires to end all suffering. Always keeping in mind the four noble truths.
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The religion of Hinduism

Hinduism was founded by the Arrayans in India, and spread throughout India. For Hinduism everyone is placed in a certain caste from birth. Each caste has different jobs. The caste system is a way to keep social order. The only way to move up in the caste system was to do good in you life so that when you reincarnate you'll be born into a better caste system.
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Beliefs of Hinduism

In Hinduism they believe in Moksha, a place that ends the cycle of rebirth and is a place of happiness in the afterlife. To achieve Moksha they must be good in their life. Before they achieve moksha it is known that you reincarnate determined by your karma. If you good in your past life than karma will reward you, or if you were bad karma will punish you. To be good you should follow dharma, the principle of cosmic order. Hindu's believe in many gods, polytheistic, but Brahim is the main God.
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Daily lives of a Hindu.

In Hinduism each caste has different responsibilities. The highest class is for priests. Than the Warriors and kings. After that comes the merchants, land owners. Servants and peasants were lowest compared to the others but still higher up than the untouchables. People of different classes were not suppose to associate with each other. The only hope to moving up a caste is in your next life form (reincarnation), everyone wants to be in the higher classes because they had better treatment. Reincarnation is also determine on your karma, so people would do good in hope of good. Along with, Hinduism was a advanced religion. This is because they created their own form of writing. They spend their daily lives being good so they will achieve moksha and be united with the gods ( polytheistic). Many Hindus are vegetarians to show respect to higher forms of life.
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Past of Judaism

In the past Judaism there is many important people. One of those people is Abraham, Abraham is the one that begain the Judaism. He is said to be the founder of the covanent, which is the relationship of Jewish people and God. Another important person is Moses. Moses is looked at as a teacher of the religion. He is apart of one of the most important prophet in Judaism. They believe in one God and only he has the power to reward the good and punish the bad. Also that all their prayers will be answered by God.
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Ten Commandments

The laws of God
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Daily lives.

The Ten Commandments are like a set of rules from God that should be followed. It is believed that if you follow the Ten Commandments then God will reward you. So Jewish people in their daily lives will try to follow the commandments. Also they take time to pray. Prayers are a request for help or a thank you to God. Many people pray during the day or at night to have God help them for a rough time they are dealing with or to thank him for all he's done. It is known that Jewish people are to pray 3 times a day. Along with on the weekends they go to synagogues to pray as a community.
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Confucianism, created in China, was more of a philosophy rather than a religion. It is a way of life. It was to get people to constantly strive for greatness, and build relationships. The founder was Confucias (pictured above), a teacher or philosopher. He wanted create order in society. It is believed that everyone has a responsibility and if they do good and achieve the responsibility then it will bring order and stability. The philosophy spread throughout Korea, SE, Japan, Asia. The government based on Confucias ideas. The main ideas on Confucianism is that all people are good amd a good leader will be a good example and lead to great things. Education is also a big part of the philosophy, it leads to advancement. A big part is also the idea of honoring you parents or filial piety. There is five main relationships in Confucianism.
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Five relationships

Father-> son

Elder brother-> younger brother

Husband-> wife

Ruler-> subject

Friend-> Friend

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The Analects

This was the "holy book" of Confucianism. It descibes Confucius life and his achievements and meaning in what he was teaching.
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Confucianism in the daily life.

In the daily life everyone is suppose to be working hard achieve all responsibilities. Everyone is to respect each other. The main idea in the philosophy is that everyone should work hard to grow relationships with one another. So people need to help each other. Along with, grow relationships with society and politics which mean government. People believed a good leader will lead to great things, and Confucias believed there's good in everyone. In their daily lives they are to strive to be the best they can be, and work hard to achieve greatness. Many people spend their lives building relationships and honor with each other.
The founder of Christianity is Jesus. He was born in Narzareth so that is known to be the place the religion originated. Jesus traveled, spreading the word of God. Christanity grew around Jerusalem. Eventually Jesus gained many followers, which spread the beliefs all around the Roman Empire and throughout the whole world. Christians main belief is that their is only one God. Another big belief is Jesus resurrected and open the gates to Heaven. Heaven is a final resting place for the soul, heaven is known for the people who did good in their life and followed the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments was a practice for Christians. It was also a code of conduct for say. People who were bad and not forgive full would go to hell.
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Daily lives of a Christian

The religion is based on forgiveness. That means is you are truly sorry for something you did wrong, sin, and asked God for forgiveness you would receive it. A Christian is suppose to pray each day, before a meal and before bed. Along with Sunday's are known to be resting days, so they are suppose to go to church and spend time with their family. A Christian is to read the bible too. They are suppose to go to church in religious holidays, especially Easter ( day of resurrection) and Chritmas ( birth of Jesus ) .
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Holy book

The Qur'ān is the Islamic holy book. It is said that in order for Muslims to go to there final resting place they need to read and know the book.
The founder of Islam is known as Muhammad. It originated In the Middle East and has begain to spread. It begain in the small town of Mecca. Now a days it is the second largest religion in the world with about 1.3 billion followers. It is now still in the Middle East but also around the whole world. The Islamic main belief is that there is 1 God and Muhammad is gods messenger. Muslims also believe in heaven and hell like Christians, but the way to achieve it is a little different. Muslims are to follower five pillars of life to go to heaven.
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Daily lives of a Muslim.

Muslims believe that if you follow the five pillars you will be rewarded by your soul rising to heaven when you die. The first pillar is that they should believe in one God. The second pillar is prayer. Muslims are to pray 5 times each day, facing toward the Middle East where Islam begain. The third pillar is fasting. During the holy month, Ramadhan Muslims are to fast ( not eat or drink ) from sun rise to sunset. The fourth pillar is charity. This shows Muslims are suppose to be caring and share some of their fortune with the needy. Other then giving money or food to the poor they could also offer their hand in help or work. The last pillar pilgrimage is that at least one time in a Muslims life they should travel to Makkah (origin of Islam). It is known if they follow each of these it will benefit their after life.
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Muhammad, the messenger of God)
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Place in Mecca that each Muslim should visit before death.