English Department Newsletter

19th September 2014

To Do List

These are already on the calendar

Year 11 marks from Common Task 1 onto the spreadsheet by the end of today please

Year 11 top/middle/bottom samples also by today

Year 10 samples are due next Wednesday

Year 10 marks by next Friday

General Notices


All books are now in stock for all year groups and are upstairs in the right hand book cupboard.

If you need books, do please come and get them asap so I can put the leftover stock in the main cupboard.

Please remember to number and stamp all books given out.


We will meet after the main briefing to talk about the WAT Review.

Sue Bowles's feedback was very positive and I will talk about that then.

Please make sure that classrooms are tidy!

Theatre and other Visits

If you would like to either lead or come along to one of the below trips please let me know asap.

I was thinking that panto might be fun for Years 7 and 8 - let me know what you all think.

Pat Barker in conversation at Newcastle University, 7th October

NT Live Encore Frankenstein at The Gate, 30th October

Antigone at Northern Stage, 7th-11th October

Birdsong at Northern Stage, 23rd - 28th February

Snow White at Theatre Royal from 21st November (just though I'd chuck that one in!)

Cinderella at the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre from 5th-30th December

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Theatre Royal, 26th Jan - 7th Feb

The Importance of Being Ernest, Theatre Royal, June