Washington County Weekly 4-H Update

September 17, 2021


  1. Washington County 4-H Calendar
  2. 4-H Premium Checks and Livestock Booster Fund Checks
  3. 4-H Items From State Fair and County Fair
  4. 2021 WCF Photos
  5. Achievement Applications
  6. Diamond Clover Awards
  7. State Fair Results
  8. 4-H State Rodeo - register by September 17th
  9. Nebraska 4-H Foundation Charity Shoot
  10. Interested in Becoming a 4-H Judge?
  11. Other Statewide Events and Resources



October 9.................................................4-H State Rodeo

November 1...............Achievement Application/Clover Kid Record Books/Diamond Clover Due

December 5............................................Achievement Celebration

Washington County 4-H Calendar

Did you know that you can find the Washington County 4-H Calendar on our webpage? View just the month or download and print the whole program year!

Visit https://go.unl.edu/washingtoncounty4hcalendar to view. As dates/events continue to be added we will update the calendar. The webpage will show the most recent date that the program calendar was updated!

4-H Premium & Livestock Booster Checks

4-H Premium Checks and the Livestock Booster Fund Checks have been mailed out to 4-Hers. Please be sure to cash them promptly.

These awards are made possible through the generousity of our donors - a list of donors was included with your checks - please thank them in person if possible. Please also mail a thank you to them. If you'd like addresses in a label format please call and we'll email that to you.

2021 Washington County Fair and State Fair Projects

We have several projects here in the office to be picked up. Please stop and pick up your items soon. We're open from 8:30am - 5pm on weekdays or call us to make special arrangements.

2021 Washington County Fair Photos

You will find photos from the 2021 4-H shows on Flickr: @Washington County 4-H

Achievement Application

The 4-H year is coming to an end and it's time to do your Achievement Application for 2021!!

Sounds intimidating doesn't it? It's really not that difficult - you have all the info - just type it up and add some photos...

It is basically a summary of your 4-H and community activities- you choose which area you did the most in (Ag, STEM, Leadership, Healthy Living) - compile the information by following the guide found at https://4h.unl.edu/achievement-application and submit to our office by 5pm on November 1. Awards will be given at the County and State Level in Junior and Senior Divisions.

Some submissions are 1 page long, some of you will easily fill the 3 page limit! We can't wait to read about what you've learned and accomplished in your 4-H year.

Diamond Clover Program

All 4-Hers should participate in the Diamond Clover Program!

There is a simple form that you use to record your activities and write a little bit about them. Complete one level each year.

Submit the completed form to our office by 5pm on November 1.

Each 4-Her completing a Clover Level will receive the appropriate Clover Pin at the Achievement Celebration.

Find the forms at https://4h.unl.edu/diamond-clover

State Fair Results

Congratulations to all of our local 4-H members who exhibited at this year’s Nebraska State Fair! We’re so proud of you! For 4-H results from the 2021 Nebraska State Fair, visit Nebraska4HResults.com or download the Nebraska 4-H mobile app for Apple or Android.
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4-H State Rodeo

Don’t forget! The entry deadline for the 2021 State 4-H Rodeo closes on Friday, September 17th!

The 4-H State Rodeo will be held October 9th at the Lancaster Event Center

Find more information at: https://4h.unl.edu/horse-rodeo
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4-H Foundation Charity Shoot

Looking for a fun way to support the Nebraska 4-H program? Join us on September 30th in Brainard for the 2021 Nebraska 4-H Foundation Charity Shoot! Learn more at ne4hfoundation.org/charity-shoot.
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    • Interested in becoming a 4-H judge? One easy way to get started is by completing our judge registration process. While not required, this process gets your name added to our statewide judge list which is supplied to county 4-H programs, faculty, and staff looking to hire new judges for their county fairs, contests, and shows. But you must complete the judge registration process by September 30th to be added to our statewide judge list for the 2022 program year. Get started at 4h.unl.edu/judges.
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Washington County Extension | 4-H

Tayler Wickham, Extension Educator - tayler.wickham@unl.edu

Mickayla Blender, 4-H Ext. Assistant - mblender2@unl.edu

Mary Larsen, 4-H Support Staff - mlarsen9@unl.edu