Eco-news at CWBS 2

By Sherry and Ms, Read

Eco News Update 1#

The Eco-Warriors are a group of 24 children from across Year 5. We are working hard this year toimprove the environmental sustainability of our community.

So far this year, a number of things have already happened in our school:

1. We now have 4 new recycling bins in our school playground. There are weekly collections of

paper, metal and plastic.

2. Weekly room checks are now underway. We closely monitor every room in the school to make

sure that we are not wasting resources.

3. During year 5 lessons we have spent time looking at En-trak and how we can use it to help

analyse the power we are using in school. Our goal is to find ways of reducing the amount of

electricity we are wasting. We hope that the rest of the school community will also find this

system helpful and interesting. A link to it can be found on CAHOOT.

4. This year we hope to raise both money and awareness at our school fair about environmental

issues. We hope to have a stall, where we will be selling a selection of plants and items we

have created out of recycled materials. You will also be able to talk to us about the work we are

doing in school, as well as about any other green issues you might like to discuss.

5. We have been helping a group of students from the university to collect plastic bottles. They

are going to use them to create an art installation to raise awareness about the work of the

Ocean Recovery Alliance and the importance of using less plastic.

6. We are attaching green ribbons to most of the air-conditioning units in the school. These act as

fantastic visual aid to show if the air-cons have been left on by mistake. Hopefully this will help

to reduce the amount of electricity we are wasting.