Northeast Region


Northeast region information

New York,Vermont New Hamshire,Pennsylvannia,New Jersey,Maryland,Delaware,Conneticut,Maine,Massachusets.

Sports:Basketball,Soccer,Baseball,Softball,Running,and Football.Located in the united states: New York City.Vegetation that grows in the region:Berries,Peppers,and Mashrooms.Regions climate:winter and summer. Economic oppertunities:Factories,stores,offices,apartments,national companies,shopping center.Major Landmarks:Airships,fertile microclimate,luck elephant,board walks.Important information:Broad way,musical called cats,dramatic sculpters,woodstock music festivals,kleinhans,music hall.

Other Interesting Facts:

Some people speak spanish.

Some people work on farms where they grow fruits,and vegies.

The tourist industry provides jobs.

Some people rode islanders to catch flounders.

Sixty four million people are concerated in the northeast.

New Jersey is a unique state.

More than 100 battles were fought in New Jersey.

Vermont is very,very,very cold state.

Maine is located at the northern end of hiking.

Maine mountains reaches 5,278 feet above the ground.

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