The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell

By: Adam Isabell


RING RING RING is the sound of having the telephone to talk to each other at our fingertips. If it wasn't for Alexander Graham Bell we would not have this technology that we have today to talk to each other without even leaving your house.


Alexander was born on March 3 ,1847 in Edinburgh Scotland. He attended the University of London for 2 years from 1868-1870. He finished collage and got a degree to teach the deaf kids

How he changed the world

He changed the world by giving us a new way to talk to the world without even leaving your house it would take a while to build and to send a message but it was useful considering it was made in the early 1800s.


He invented the telephone so the world would have a new way to talk to each other easier than before so people that are disabled will not have to worry about getting out of there house to go talk face to face instead they could just call people. The sound wasn't perfect but it could get one message to somebody.


I think that it was a great idea to make the telephone. Without this invention I think our world would probably be really boring.If he didn't make the telephone we would not have the such thing at the iPhone 6.

A simple timeline

Alexander talking

In the video below it shows the first telephone did indeed work but not that well. In the video below you will hear Alexander Graham Bell testing the telephone by counting and saying random numbers at the end you will hear him say where it was recorded and that it was indeed him that was saying the numbers.
A direct recording of Alexander Graham Bell's voice - Filtered Version
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