Raider Nation Staff Newsletter

Week of September 24, 2018

What? A 5-day Week!?!

Hello Atholton Family --

Yes. Believe it or not -- we have a full five day week this week!

This week will mark the return of Raider Time on Wednesday. Just a reminder that students will be allowed to listen to their music during this time -- meaning earbuds and headphones are allowed. If you prohibit this in your learning area during Raider Time, please communicate this to students. I will make an announcement on Tuesday about this as well.

This week also marks the beginning of Goal Setting Conferences for teachers. You should have received some information from your administrator about signing up for conferences. Please remember to have your baseline data, assessment, and rubric uploaded in Oasys before your conference. For those in a full evaluation year, your first two artifacts should be uploaded by October 16. The Evaluation Guide, a blank artifact form, and examples have been uploaded to Canvas under Teacher Support.

As I travel through the hallways with my mobile desk unit (smile), I am thrilled to see those teachers at their doors greeting students as they arrive. This positive interaction is but a first step in creating a community within your classroom. Youki Terada (2018) explained that positive greetings work because they help “establish a positive classroom climate in which students feel a sense of connection and belonging,” the study authors write. “This is particularly important considering the research demonstrating that achievement motivation is often a by-product of social belonging.” In other words, when students feel welcome in the classroom, they’re more willing to put time and effort into learning."

Do not forget to complete your SafeSchools training modules and the other online training tools. Emails will be going out to remind individual teachers as we approach the October 5 deadline.

Lastly, we have a staff meeting Monday afternoon in the Media Center. We have a few items to review with you per county expectations.

See you all tomorrow!




Monday (9/24) -- SST and Attendance Team

Monday (9/24) -- Staff Meeting in Media Center

Wednesday (9/26) -- Admin / Student Services Meeting

Wednesday (9/26) -- SIT Meeting

Professional Responsibilities (carryover)

Just a reminder that your HCPSS SafeSchools Modules need to be completed by October 5.

In addition, there are other modules that need to be completed. Please see the chart below and complete all necessary module by the same due date, October 5.

Digital Integration of Tools for Teaching

Self-directed online (20-30 minutes to complete)

Teachers will complete an online module on the selection and use of Digital Tools. Details will be shared with administrators at the August 29 meeting.

Canvas Training

Self-directed online (20-30 minutes to complete)

Teachers will view a short presentation about new functionality, best practices, and a review of 2018-19 Canvas Expectations.

Synergy Training

Self-directed online (10-20 minutes to complete)

Teachers will view a short presentation about how to set up seating charts and take attendance. They will also have the opportunity to review how to enter interim/report card grades, set up Parent/Teacher Conferences, and enter Minor Incidents and Student Injury reports.

Hoonuit Training

Self-directed online (15-20 minutes to complete)

Teachers will view short presentations about Hoonuit; basic terminology, navigation, content, and functionality.

Mark Your Calendar

October 2 -- PTSA Meeting

October 3 -- School Closes 3hrs Early -- Professional Work Day

October 10 -- PSAT Day

October 13 -- HOMECOMING

October 19 -- School Closed