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What is a Mantilla?

A mantilla is a silk veil.

Where is the Mantilla worn?

The mantilla is worn in mainly Spain. It is worn oftenly in church, religious practices, or formal occasions.
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Who would wear a Mantilla?

Men and young children would not be found wearing a mantilla. It is made for women and woman are usually the ones to wear it.

When is the Mantilla worn?

The mantilla is worn for very special occasion, this started in the 19th century. Mantillas have been around since the 16th century, but became more popular in the 18th century. Before the 1900's it was worn more often in everyday life. Now-a-days it is worn for very certain events like a wedding.
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How much does the Mantilla cost?

The cost of a mantilla ranges. The price depends mostly on the detail or material of it. Costs start at around 40 US dollars and can go up to about 100 dollars.

How does the mantilla connect to the Spanish culture?

A mantilla is part of the Spanish culture because it was included in paintings and artwork. It is most known for being in a painting by a very known artist. The artist is Pablo Picasso, the name of the painting is 'Ogla in a Mantilla'.
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