Solar Energy

A Renewable Resource

Renewable Resources

Some people think that fossil fuels are the most powerful energy resource but renewable resources are much more powerful then fossil fuels, renewable resources are better for the environment. Fossil fuels give out pollution, green house gasses,and kill nature. Stuff like wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro energy and other types of energy, these energy's are helping the environment with all the endangered animals around this year.

What Is Solar Energy And How Does It Work

Solar energy is energy from the sun, the sun is 4 to 5 billion years old and has always been a renewable electricity and heating resource. The sun is 18 million degrees Fahrenheit, but the reason why we don't fell that heat is because the sun is 93 miles from earth. Even thought it's freezing in Canada we can still harness the suns energy using solar panels, solar dishes, solar power towers magnifying glass, and parabolic solar panels. There are many ways to harness this type of energy, in the old in days they used solar energy to warm up food and take salt out of saltwater. There is also many other ways to use solar energy, solar energy is the most powerful energy. The reason why it is the most powerful energy resource because if we didn't have the sun, the earth wouldn't be possible. If we harness the suns energy for 15 minutes the earth would have enough energy to last a year. When the sun gets down to the earth, plants change the suns energy because they have a chemical in them that changes the energy. From there the solar panels take the energy then the solar panels turn the suns energy into power which then goes thorough the to lairs of the solar panel then it will ether be changed into electricity and heat which heats water or powers your home.


The advantages of using solar energy is that it is a renewable resource, it is a clean and heathy resource that won't harm the environment. As this energy is being created, you will not hear a thing. Another advantage is that this resource will save you a lot of money, there are solar panels that you can get that can gain energy when there are clouds. If you use solar energy the prime minister of Canada will give you money for helping the environment. If we use this energy more and more of solar energy will improve energy for the future.


The disadvantages of using solar energy are for one it is very expensive for a solar panel to be installed and when it breaks it will cost a lot of money. Solar panels can sometimes not get energy when there are clouds out. You also have to have a lot of space to put solar panels like garden fields, extra land, or the roofs of houses. Sometimes it starts and stops gaining energy because of the clouds, this creates a type of pollution that kills the leafs off trees.