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What the FEC is All About.

In the last 10 years with K12, and certainly the decade I taught Special Education classrooms of our inner-city b&m schools, my mantra has always been, "It's all about the relationships."

  • The student with the teacher
  • The teacher with the parent
  • The parent with the school
  • The school with the family
  • and the parent with other parents
  • as well as the student with other students

And every one of these goes two ways.

If even one of these relationships is strained, the rest, inevitably become strained as well. And strained relationships take a toll on the most important thing...

Student and Family Success.

It makes sense, right?
As FECs, you have a huge area of impact to make, a great deal of communication to take part in...and relationships that need to be fostered 1:1, as well as 1:1000s. It's a tall order, I know.
It is my hope that, by using the FEC Rubric, your interaction can become more balanced and easier to keep track of.

It's not quite the Christmas gift you wanted to find under the tree, I know. But please accept it as my offering to help you focus on what matters most in your role. Relationships matter. Not necessarily telling people what they want to hear, but rather, being present to share what a family, parent, student, teacher, needs to succeed.

Family Engagement is all about relationships, interaction and communication and the Rubric is about all that, too.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and questions on the process as we begin to use the rubric and unpack its benefit in January. You are welcomed to share it with your FAST Lead at your school so that you can work with it together, as well as with me.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.


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Highlighting: CASC and Jasmine Poor: Hour of Code

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Hour of Code

Happy Hour of Code Week! The Hour of Code is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science opportunities and increasing participation by all students. Have you completed any of the activities that we've posted this week?

The cold never bothered Elsa anyway! Come make snowflakes with Elsa!

Hour of Code is here! Use blocks of code to take Steve or Alex on an adventure through this Minecraft world!

You can use the skills you've learned to create fun shapes and drawings with the Artist program.

Is the Force with you? Check out this Star Wars Coding Program.

Is the force with you? Check out this amazing Star Wars Coding Program

Are you more into Java Programming? Try this Star Wars Coding Program

Have you checked out some of the other amazing coding opportunities that bring computer coding to students of any age?

Tynker also has quite a few fun games for students of all ages.

GCA Needs Your Help to Do Engagement Proud!

GCA has been entered into the Georgia Department of Education Parent Engagement Program’s Title I School Video Contest!!

They earn bonus points to win the contest based on the number of likes they receive for their video, on the Georgia Department of Education Parent Engagement Program's Facebook page.

Please help by:

1. Going to:

2. Watch the video

3. And like it!

They have until December 18th to get as many likes as they can.

Forward to your friends.

Congratulations to the video’s creators Shirley Waldow, Veronica Okpani, Maria Blencowe and Halton Thomson for being selected.


Burning Question

This month's burning question is all about something that everyone takes a part in and that we will all be discussing soon. Curious what it is? Click to find out and share! Your input matters!

Your Answers to the Last Question...

How Do You Advertise Lifeline and Open Office Hours?
  • S'more Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Add it to Class Connect as well as in announcements
  • School Events Calendar
  • BbC Calls
  • Set up as a Class Connect which reminds LCs when they look at Class Connects each day
  • It's at the same time/day each week, so they only have to remember one time/day.
  • It's in the Learning Coach Success Kmail
  • I end many kmails with "Please don't hesitate to call, kmail or come to Lifeline on Tuesday at noon if you have questions or concerns."
  • Interactive communications whenever possible, so Google Forms, Survey Monkey. Then, I add the links into KMail when I reach out. It helps me gain insight into what students and families think about something, and it steers me toward information that is helpful and interesting to them!
  • Still k-mail (but I admit it is often times a frustrating tool). My families indicate they don't want "one more site" or "one more link" so I keep creating in k-mail.
  • Once per month I send a robo-call greeting LCs and reminding them to check their LC k-mail for important, fun and informative information. I always include the link to our strong start site (feature a new page with each WIVA weekly).
  • The phone. Picking up the phone, calling to say, "Good job". This not only helps me feel good on a crummy day, but it makes them feel good too. The point of the phone call is to only say positives...not what else they need to do, simply "you are doing a good job."
I've Got a Strategy to Share!

Have you found something valuable? Have a strategy that makes your life easier or your product better? Please, share!

Professional Learning Community

PLCs are YOUR community. These are the people that know what it's like in YOUR role. Don't miss out on the opportunity to share with one another.

January 12- Onboarding: Ensuring Success for Late Starting Students
Managing onboarding responsibilities as an FEC

January 26- Overcoming Roadblocks-

Discussing unique challenges such as: language barriers, unique home environments, inconsistent internet access

Title 1 and the FEC- We will also be joined by Robin Wise who will discuss and answer questions about Title 1 and the FEC role.

REMINDER: You MUST register for the PLCs and NPDs HERE, as well as respond to the post session surveys each time.

National Professional Development

Thursday, January 14 & January 28
3pm Eastern/2pm Central/ 1pm Mtn/ 12noon Pacific
Topics coming...
Again, remember to register on under FAST Community of Practice.

A Tool to Share

Remember the Milk is a to-do list that’s everywhere you are: from your phone, to the web, to your Google apps, and more. Used by millions worldwide. You can get this on the web, android, iPhone, iPad, Siri, Evernote, Gmail, Outlook Pro, Twitter, Goggle Calendar and more. All of that compatibility and the fact that it's free is what makes it interesting to me.

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