interesting ontario facts

1.at niagara falls on the border between ontario and new york more then six million cuibic feet thats (169,000 meters) of water covers the falls each minute that is the cn tower in tronto, ontario,is the tallest bulding in the world it reaches 1,814 feet (553 meters)into the sky.

2 Ships carrying products sutch as iron, ore and grain from ontario`s ports , pass threw the saint lawrence sea way[left], one of the worlds busiest shipping roughts nearby, on the niagra river niagra falls facing paye is ontario`s most popular tourist spot!!!!!!!!

3 workers in ontario assembeled fighter plans during world war 2

4 boots line the shores of lakes ontarios toronto island-a place were cars are not allowed

5 a train chuges along southern ontario

6 with a water path from hudson bay to britain, and british fur traiders in now the northern ontario built up a thriving buissness

7ontarios natural resorcis are a sorces ,of scenic beauty as well as imcome

8 large numbers of northern ontarios live in the city of thunder bay , wich is loccated on the western shore of lake sapheireor

9 among ontarios muist immaghreates are pepole from asian nation

10to drive acroos from east to west takes about 24 hours

11 most of northern ontario is the canadian sheild, aria of rock, forest, and lakes

12 ontarios most popular frutes are grapes and apples and peaches and pears and berris!!!!!!!!

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Burlington, Ontario Tourism (5 minute version)
Ontario on the road stills