Sub Plans

December 5, 2016

Welcome to Ms. Caldwell's Class

THANK YOU so much for subbing in my class today! Please feel free to make your self at home!

  • You may store your belongings in the closet next to the door
  • There is coffee is in the lounge
  • The adult bathroom is located in the main hall
  • Ms. Leon and Mrs. Nunez are FABULOUS and can answer any questions you might have!!

Monday's schedule

7:55- Meet students and aides in the cafeteria. Students should be lined up and ready to go. Lead the students back to class and have them put their backpacks in their lockers. Students should check in by putting their picture on the Who's here poster and grab a milk and/or juice.

8:00- Students should be sitting at their tables and eating breakfast. If student does want to eat breakfast, they must throw away their trash and then go to the restroom. Once finished in the restroom ,they must return to their table and look at books until announcements are over. ALL students must be finished with breakfast once announcements are over. Start sending students who have finished to the restroom.


Hello Song-


Count to 20-

Days of the week-

Weather Song

Calendar Starfall

8:30- Annie and Benny go to Mrs. Offord's Class (Nunez will go with Benny) and Michael goes to Mrs. Adams' Class. Benny and Mrs. Nunez will return around 9:30. Annie should return around 10. Michael should return about 10:30.

8:45-9:00/1:00-1:15- Recess

9:05-9:35/1:20-1:50- Specials- Tech Lit with Mrs. Hitt

9:30- April goes to Mrs. Domingcil's Class RED HALL. She should return around 10:40.

1:30- Joseph goes to Ms. T Nguyen's class. He will return at 2:30

9:35/1:55- Transition Song



ABC- Emily and Jason

Math- Monserrat, Benny and Annie

iPad- Tony and Samuel


Math-Leon & Krystal

ABC- Max & Austin

10:10-10:35/2:15-2:45- Students may choose a free choice center from the board. iPad, Home center, trucks and legos, play doh

10:35/2:45- Snack time

10:45 & 3:00- Goodbye song


Bus 35- Samuel & Benny

Lift Bus 97- Emily, Monserrat and Anthony

Bus 32- Jason and Michael

Parent- April


Bus 75- Leon

Parent- Max, Ruben, Krystal, Austin and Joseph