By Matthew Rowley

The Ten Commandments that the Lord gave us

Catholics believe that the lord gave us ten commandments for us to obey , catholics see that as , not putting any other lords before him , not saying the lord in vain , houner your mother and father , do not kill , do not steal , don't bare any false witness and much more.

Catholic traditions

Catholics have a holiday called lint which leads up to easter. In lint catholics try to not eat any meat on fridays.

Catholics only believe in one god and his son , Jesus the boy that was born in a stable in jerusalem. Thats what the Catholics say.

The Bible

The Bible is a book of history.There are two parts , the old testiment and the new testement. The stories in the bible tell the stories of the jewish people in history. To catholics the bible is a the word of god and a guide on how to live a good life. Most catholics own a bible. Often an old bible is passed down to other family members and reletives.

How catholics prey.

Catholics prey to god and jesus.When they prey they say: to the name of the father , meaning to god ''and of the son'' meaning and to jesus ''and to the holy spirit'' meaning to the most important type of spirit to the catholics '' amen''


Cathlics two most important celebrations easter and christmas. Easter is a time to remember jesus when he died on the cross for us. And we celebrate and remember what Jesus did for us.
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Another important celebration for christans is christmas. Christmas celebrates the birth of jesus. All christans celebrate this holiday and alot of people attend church and other services.
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