Romeo And Juliet are to Blame

Who is to Blame

Romeo And Juliet Are to Blame for their death

Since Romeo and Juliet were teenagers and in love with each other, they are to blame for their own deaths. Romeo acts on impulse which causes trouble throughout the entire play, and Juliet goes overboard because to desperate for Romeo, Both of them never came up with a plan to tell their parents About their marriage. Some might argue that the deaths of these two teenagers is the fault of the adults who helped them hide their secrets and plot their schemes, but these adults - Friar Laurence and Nurse but on the other hand the nurse and Friar Laurence can not be blamed because it is their job to do everything for Romeo and Juliet.Even if Nurse and Friar Laurence could have stopped Romeo and Juliet from being together, if Romeo had followed the instructions given by Friar Laurence, then Romeo would have known that Juliet was faking her death. If he would have stopped to think before he acted , Friar Laurence's plan would have played out like it was supposed to.

Romeo's thoughts

Romeo's personality is what makes people either like him or really hate him. With every problem Romeo handles, he always handles it responsibly. In relationships, Romeo is deeply in love or really heart broken. When there is conflict, Romeo's decision is to either kill or really hurt people. Romeo is either on one side or the other. However, The audience must remember that Romeo is only a teenager, and up until his last few days, he has not shown a lot of violence that would be concerning to us. The problem is not that Romeo is showing strong feelings; the problem is that Romeo never learns. When the audience first meets Romeo, his heart is broken and will never heal. When Romeo leaves the play, he still has a broken heart and romeo does not change,adapt or even grow from his mistakes. He can only see the day that is right in front of him because he is not very good of seeing how today might affect the future. His passion leaving him to either be a stupid manic that likes to kill everything or everyone and maybe himself or be a heart broken fool.
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God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton (lyrics)

"God Gave me you"

This song explains Romeo and Juliet's death because god made some one like her and romeo and they were perfect but then they found out that they are from different families but that never stopped them from loving each other.

The first part is about Romeo and then it goes together with them both (Romeo And Juliet).

Romeo and Juliet's Death

"My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite".

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

This poem represents my explanation is that romeo should have boundaries but he went over board and married a Capulet which the families hate each other and he would also not get banned home his home town.