Friday Focus

JSE Staff, April 8th


Family Science Night was a fantastic event provided for MANY of our families! It was inspiring to see students excited to pull their parents to their hallway science work displays, join in with their children at the Science stations, and eagerly wait with their children to experience the Star Lab. Thank you again for all your work to make this night an evening to remember for our community!

A most fitting article to share and do with our kids to support April's Bucket Filling Trait: Empathy

Next week, we have Kindergarten Round-Up and 3-5 teachers begin ISTEP practice testing to prepare for ISTEPs beginning the following week. The calendar is filling-up, please be sure to check it daily. I will be out Wednesday morning and all day Friday.

On a fun note, our INSPIRE ceramics are fired and ready to be glazed, I added a date to the calendar for May. AND FUN FAIR is next Friday, please sign-up to help our PTO if you are available!

Have a good weekend,


Classroom Discussions in Math

blendspace Math Talk -updates with each PD

Step 1: Helping individual students clarify and Share Their Own Thoughts

This week: Step 2: Helping Students Orient to the Thinking of Others

Step 3: Helping Students Deepen Their Own Reasoning

Step 4: Helping Students Engage with the Reasoning of Others

We all agreed that this takes purposeful practicing in lessons to become an effective best practice. Thanks for starting now!

Who Can Repeat?

Who can say that again?

Who can put that into their own words?

Who can restate what (student's name? said?

Can anyone repeat what they heard (student's name) said? If not repeat (student)

Who can say that again for us?

After a turn and talk: Tell us what your partner said.

"If a student is simply waiting to speak, and is not listening to others and trying to understand them, he or she will not be able to contribute to a real discussion."

Our Goal: Thinking, talking, moving, or emotionally involved so that what you teach gets into long-term memory.

Professional Development

Reminders and Important Dates

  • Kindergarten Round-Up-April 14th
  • Fun Fair April 15th
  • STAR Testing Math and Reading window closes next Friday
  • Teach/Model/Instill/Emphasize April's CSL: Listen Actively and Bucket-filling Trait: Empathy
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work.
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!