Arts and Tech Dept Meeting


Welcome to Emily Brown- Art

Welcome to Parveen Rai- Art



Budget- Budget should be used for consumables, small ticket items. Otherwise we should be looking at capital/ school budget. If you are not sure let me know. Please keep me in the loop of any info or developments in this regard.

On-Calls- If you know you are going to be away, please remember to leave lesson plans in a visible spot along with attendance sheets. Please let me know too

Emergency absences-in addition to e-mailing lesson plans to someone in the department, please cc me so I know also and can step in to help if needed.

IEPs- Please make sure you are aware of students in your classes with IEPs or require support from Contact.

Students with Life Threatening Illnesses- Please check the North Park Secondary School/ My School site for a list of students.

Upcoming Dates:

October 4- Commencement (Mayfield)

October 17- Progress Reports Home to Students

October 24- Parents Night- 6:00-8:00


Technology- Updating, Experimenting, Implementing- Short and Long Term Needs

Assessment/ Evaluation- Re-evaluation, aligning, implementation

Support from both Sandra Zemniak and Susan Campo. I will also pass on any other resources I think may be helpful.


Electronic mostly. Occasionally department meetings, especially on late start or early release dates.

As always please feel free to call, e-mail or visit if any issues arise.


What do you want/ need? Opportunities? How can I support you?

Sept 19- Late start- more info coming.


Great start to the school year. Amazing to see many of you at the Activities Expo. Way to go!